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    1. It is a unique race in Morocco and in the world: it is a sports, symbolic, charitable and inclusive race
    2. Form a team in your organization, company. Be the most numerous and win a Corporate Social Responsibility trophy.
    3. All information on registration etc…. is on the website www.10kmpourlapaix.com
    4. Ask all your questions to the organizers via the website www.10kmpourlapaix.com
    5. You can also sponsor associations to run
Why run on April 7th 2019 ?

Sport promotes tolerance, mutual understanding and peace. It contributes to social integration and equality. It empowers women, girls and people with disabilities.

The diplomatic community of Rabat wishes to show a strong symbol of peace and unity by organizing a 10km race in Rabat as part of the United Nations International Day of Sport for Development and Peace (http://www.un.org/en/events/sportday/ )

Everyone taking part in this event, running or simply watching, wearing the white T-shirt, the colour of peace, will be an ambassador for tolerance by showing that, more than ever, humanity needs solidarity.

In addition, 50 dhs per bib purchased will be donated to the charities of the Diplomatic Circle promoting access to sport for the most disadvantaged children and other projects helping women and children in Morocco.

Your presence is essential!

What is the date of the 10km for Peace Rabat 2019?

The race will take place on Sunday, April 7, 2019. There will be a 10km course for children over 15 years old and a course for children under 15 years old including children with special needs.

Who can register ?

The 10 km race is open to licensed and unlicensed runners over 15 years of age on the day of the event.

The children’s race is open to children under 15 years of age (and under 18 years of age for children with special needs). Parents must register their children. (Do not forget to check the box for parental consent).

The organizer recommends that you only make considerable efforts, if you are physically fit. Make wise choices about the distance you want to run and/or the pace you want to impose on your body.

A medical certificate is not required. It is up to the athlete to decide for himself how he treats the information he has received during a medical examination. We strongly advise those who are looking for competition and who wish to practice high intensity sport to carry out an annual check-up with a doctor (sports or general practitioner). The organiser declines all responsibility in this respect.

How to register ?


  • Pick up the registration form on our website: www.10kmpourlapaix.com
  • Deposit the registration forms in all GO SPORT and COURIR stores in Morocco


Registration forms and simultaneous collection of the race kit (bib and t-shirt) in GO Sport Casablanca (Anfa Place / Morocco Mall), Courir Casablanca (307 Boulevard Ziraoui / Morocco Mall), and Courir Rabat (Boulevard Fal Ould Oumeir Agdal) stores.

Help will be available for groups wishing to register several runners. Contact: 10kmpourlapaixrabat@gmail.com

An identity document will be required at registration. Parental authorization must be completed for minor runners. When you register, you automatically agree with the terms and conditions. Bibs will not be shipped.

How much does registration cost ?

For the children’s race (under 15 years old, under 18 years old for children with special needs): 50dhs           

For the 10km (over 15 years old) or for an adult accompanying the children’s race: 100dhs

50Ddhs/bib will be donated to charities supported by the diplomatic charity circle, in particular to Moroccan associations providing access to sport for the poorest children and vulnerable populations.

What does my registration include ?

Your registration includes:

  • Participation in the race with access to the departure airlock
  • The recording of the timed performance (for the
  • Your bib number
  • A t-shirt in the colour of the race (white)

For those who finish the race:

  • A finisher bag
  • A medal
I am running with my company/embassy/organization, how will my registration process go?

The team leader can contact the organisers by e-mail: 10kmpourlapaixrabat@gmail.com to facilitate the deposit of all duly completed registration forms for all runners of the institution/company and the group delivery of all race kits at once.

You think your company may be interested? Contact us for more information.

Where, when and how can I pick up my bib ?


Deposit of the registration forms and simultaneous collection of the race kit (bib and t-shirt) in the stores:

  • GO Sport Casablanca (Anfa Place / Morocco Mall)
  • Courir Casablanca (307 Boulevard Ziraoui / Morocco Mall)
  • Courir Rabat (Boulevard Fal Ould Oumeir Agdal)
  • MegaMall Rabat (Route de Zaer, Rabat)


Starting March 22nd, 2018


– You are not registered yet: Have an identity document to register. For group registrations, the number of each runner’s ID must be specified (registration form available for download at www.10kmpourlapaix.com ).

– You are a minor: Come with the legal guardian or have the parental authorization signed on the downloadable registration form

– You have registered in a COURIR or GO SPORT store outside Rabat: simply present the payment receipt

On the day of the event, your race number must be hung on your chest (using pins provided by the organisers) and throughout the race. It should not be hidden or modified. Anyone not wearing a race number will be excluded from the event.

Attention: no bib will be sent by post.

Is a medical certificate required?

A medical certificate is not required. It is up to the athlete to decide for himself how he treats the information he has received during a medical examination. The organiser declines all responsibility in this respect.

What is the place and time of departure?

You are expected for the warm-up from 8:00 am. As in previous years, the 10km will depart from Place de la Poste on Sunday, April 7 at 8:30 am. The start of the children’s race will take place immediately afterwards.

Are there any luggage lockers?

No, the organisers will not be able to provide luggage storage.

When and where can I view my results?

Your results will be available on the website www.racetimer.se, and on the race website www.10kmpourlapaix.com

What is the timing system?

All 10km riders will receive a bib with an electronic chip that will be automatically initialized on the start line and will serve as a race regularity check at various points along the course.

Will there be changing rooms?

No, changing rooms are not provided.

What kind of refueling will we be given ?

At 5 km, you will be provided with water.

How do I register for the children's race?

The registrations are the same as for the 10km race. Just tick the desired race on the registration form.

Can I volunteer on the race?

With pleasure! So join our volunteers and participate with us in the smooth running of this event. For more information contact us at the following address: 10kmpourlapaixrabat@gmail.com

General conditions of the event

By registering, the participant agrees with the following general conditions:

– Participation is only valid after payment of the registration fee. In the event of non-participation, for any reason whatsoever, the participant may not claim a refund of the registration.

– The bib must be visibly attached to the chest during the event.  All commitments are personal. No transfer of registration is permitted for any reason whatsoever. Any person who gives his bib to a third party will be held liable in the event of an accident occurring or caused by the latter during the event.

– The organization is not responsible for the loss and/or theft of participants’ personal belongings.

– Participating requires good health. The participant declares that he/she satisfies this condition. The organization recommends a preventive examination by a recognized sports doctor before participation.

Where can I consult the rules of the event?

The rules are available on our website: www.10kmpourlapaix.com

How to support ?

Run, support, collect! Everyone can help in the realization of this initiative, which carries a message of peace.

You can be a partner, offer an essential service in kind or involve as many runners as possible (contact the organizers for more information: 10kmpourlapaixrabat@gmail.com)

Pourquoi courir le 07 avril 2019 ?

Le sport encourage la tolérance, la compréhension mutuelle et la paix. Il participe à l’intégration sociale et à l’égalité. Il donne aux femmes, aux filles et aux personnes handicapées les moyens d’agir.

La communauté diplomatique de Rabat souhaite montrer un symbole fort de paix et de rassemblement en organisant une course de 10km à Rabat dans le cadre de la journée internationale des Nations unies « Sport pour le développement et la paix ».

Chaque personne prenant part à cet événement, en courant ou en étant simple spectateur, vêtu du tee-shirt blanc, couleur de paix, sera un ambassadeur de la tolérance en montrant que, plus que jamais, l’humanité a besoin de solidarité.

De plus, 50 dhs par dossard acheté seront reversés aux œuvres caritatives du Cercle diplomatique de bienfaisance favorisant l’accès au sport des enfants les plus démunis.

Votre présence est essentielle !

Quelle est la date du 10km pour la Paix Rabat 2019 ?

La course aura lieu le dimanche 7 avril 2019. Il y aura un parcours de 10km pour les plus de 15 ans et un parcours pour les enfants de moins de 15 ans y compris les enfants à besoins spécifiques.

A quelle heure est le départ ?

L’échauffement (très recommandé) sera à 8h00 et le départ à 8h30 (d’abord les adultes puis immédiatement après les enfants).

Où est le départ ?

Place de la Poste dans le centre de Rabat

Quel est le parcours ?

Cf annexe. Il et disponible sur Internet

Qui peut s'inscrire ?

La course de 10 km est ouverte aux coureurs licenciés et non licenciés, de plus de 15 ans au jour de l’événement.

La course enfants visent les moins de 15 ans (et moins de 18 ans pour enfants à besoins spécifiques. Les parents doivent procéder à l’inscription des enfants.la distance sera autour de 2 km.

L’organisateur recommande de ne livrer d’efforts considérables que si vous y êtes physiquement bien préparés. Faites des choix judicieux sur la distance que vous voulez accomplir et/ou le rythme que vous voulez imposer à votre corps.

La présentation d’un certificat médical n’est pas obligatoire. C’est à l’athlète de décider lui-même de comment il traite les informations qu’il a reçu lors d’un examen médical. Nous conseillons vivement à ceux ou celles qui sont à la recherche de performance et qui souhaitent pratiquer le sport à haute intensité d’effectuer un contrôle annuel chez un médecin (du sport ou généraliste). L’organisateur décline toute responsabilité à cet égard.

Comment s'inscrire ?
Combien coûte l’inscription ?

Enfants (moins de 15 ans, moins de 18 ans pour enfants à besoins spécifiques) : 50dhs
Adultes (plus de 15 ans) : 100dhs

50Ddhs/dossards seront reversés à des œuvres caritatives soutenues par le cercle diplomatique de bienfaisance associations marocaines permettant l’accès au sport des enfants les plus démunis et les populations vulnérables.

Qu'inclut mon inscription ?

Votre inscription comprend :

      • La participation à la course avec l’accès au sas départ
      • l’enregistrement de la performance chrononométrée pour le 10km
      • Votre dossard
      • Un t-shirt aux couleurs de la course

Pour ceux qui terminent la course :

      • Un sac coureur finisher
      • Une médaille
Comment avec mon entreprise/mon ambassade/mon organisation,

Constituez une équipe dans votre organisation, entreprise. Soyez les plus nombreux et gagnez un trophée RSE. On peut aider l’inscription de groupes.

Quels sont le lieu et l'heure de départ ?

Restez connectés, bientôt les informations complémentaires sur www.10kmpourlapaix.com

Puis-je être bénévole sur la course ?

Avec plaisir ! Rejoignez donc nos bénévoles et participez avec nous au bon déroulé de cet événement. Pour plus d’informations nous contacter à l’adresse suivante : 10kmpourlapaixrabat@gmail.com

Où consulter le règlement de l'épreuve ?

Le règlement sera disponible prochainement sur notre site web : www.10kmpourlapaix.com

Comment soutenir ?

Courir, soutenir, collecter ! Chacun peut aider à la réalisation de soutenir cette initiative qui porte un message de paix.

Vous pouvez être partenaire, offrir en nature une prestation essentielle à la course ou faire participer le plus de coureurs possible

Contacter les organisateurs pour de plus amples renseignements via le site internet